6LoWPAN stands for IPv6 over Low-Power Wireless Personal Area Networks.

It is a protocol defined between Network layer and Data Link layer.

It is defined by the IETF standards RFC 4919, 4944, draft-ietf06lowpan-hc and -nd, -draft-ietf-roll-rpl.

Main features

  • Enables…

On a broad level, there are two types of computer memories — read only and read or write memory.

1. Read Only Memory (ROM) classifications

In its most simple realization, ROM consists of a pn diode and a tiny metal fuse at the cross-sections of word and bit lines of the memory matrix.

1. IOT Reference Architecture structure

IOT Reference Architecture consists of the following blocks.

Fig 1. IOT Reference Architecture

2. What is 802.15.4?

802.15.4 covers all the low power low data rate wireless communication standards in PHY/MAC Datalink layer in the ISO/OSI model.

3. What are the functionalities of Physical layer?

What is it that differentiates a Digital Signal Processor from the processor in your laptop? What are DSP processors used for? Read on to find more about DSP’s.

Any task that a processor does can be broken down into two operations- Data movement or data arithmetics. Not all processors excel in both the fields equally. For example, a processor such as Intel Pentium is designed by keeping in mind data movement operations. It is meant for word processing and such applications. On the other hand, a DSP is built for faster data computation rather than data movement.


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